Serving the Hancock Park and

Hollywood Communities since 1917


Are you interested in becoming more involved

in the Christ the King Family?

Do you want to get more involved in your faith?

Do you want to help evangelize?

“What beautiful music we have at Mass! I wish I could join!”

“I would like to participate in our Masses!

“I feel called to be more involved at Christ the King!”

If you feel the Lord calling you to serve, 

please consider joining one of our ministries

at Christ the King!

We always need:  Sacristans, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers, and Choir Members!

Volunteers are always welcome at the Parish Office, as Homebound Ministers, in Religious Education, in RCIA/RICA,

 in Hospitality, in Divine Mercy, in One Heart One Mind, in Couples for Christ, and in Singles for Christ.

We are looking for all types of talents:  computers, photography, art, publicity, organization, fund raising, etc.

Please contact the Parish Office or the Ministry Heads listed in each Sunday bulletin for more information.

Often there is training and certification required but, 

please consider your call from the Lord and step up!

If you cannot physically help, please pray for all of us and the world.

Your assistance is always appreciated by all of us in the Christ the King Family!

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