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Communion or Eucharist completes Christian initiation.
Through Eucharist, which means “thanksgiving”, we participate with the whole community in the sacrifice of Jesus. Eucharist is celebrated during Mass which commemorate the Last Supper when Jesus invited his disciples to “Take and eat, this is my Body” and “Take and drink, this is my Blood.”

We unite ourselves in a special way to Jesus and to his body, the Church, through Eucharist. Through the words of the priest we believe that bread and wine actually become the body and blood of Jesus while maintaining the appearance of bread and wine.

In the early church consecrated bread was left to be distributed to those who were ill or somehow unable to attend the Liturgy. Today consecrated hosts are reserved to bring to our sick and homebound so that they, too, may share in this sacrament.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles requires a two-year preparation period for First Communion. Usually, this preparation begins in First grade and the sacraments of First Confession and First Communion are received in Second grade. However, classes are also available for older children and adults of any age.

For more information and to begin the CCD process, Contact Mrs. Elena Burgos at our Religious Education Office at (323) 465-7605.