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From Fr. Don Woznicki

Review of My Homily Last Week

No such thing as Being Christian and Single

I mentioned in my homily last week that “if you are part of the Church (baptized, confirmed), then you are indeed married – married that is to Christ and His Church.” The prophet says: “As a young man marries a virgin, your Builder shall marry you; as a Bridegroom rejoices in His Bride, so shall God rejoice in you.”        [Is 62].


Our relationship with God is not “like” a marriage…IT IS a marriage!  It is about being in a life-long (eternal life-long) commitment with God – Where instead of “till death do us part”, our mantra is “till death brings us together.”


This commitment finds its greatest expression in our participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the           Mass – sinners and imperfect though we may be.


Our weekly participation at Mass (call it our Love Ritual) is why religion is important – It essentially says, I AM COMMITTED to YOU, Lord! All “the good” done without the Mass essentially says that “Jesus, dying on the Cross, is really not that important.”– There is no greater Act of Worship than The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass!


This point is illustrated in watching 2 couple minute Youtube videos highlighted below. The first one, “Why Hate Religion but Love Jesus” has over 31 million views and says some good things, but misses the scriptural truth and beauty about our essential relationship with God and what it entails.  How can God’s truth about love include “hate”   in the title?


The second video, “Why I Love Religion and Love Jesus”, is from Fr. Dusty Burns, whom was in my class at Mundelein Seminary (Chicago). I encourage you to check them out (show them to family and friends) and see why an authentic practice of religion (especially at Mass) is true, good, and beautiful!



REMINDERS (I Encourage Your Participation and Invite You to Spread the Word)


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¨ San Gennaro Festival Mass & Procession in Hollywood – September 24th  – Sign-up  at Parish Office to be part of the CTK Procession!

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