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Dear Brother/Sister in Christ,
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our Christ the King website. I sincerely hope that you will join us in worship, service, and fraternity and become part of our Church family.
CTK is a multi-cultural parish that uses all of its resources to help the community of believers to follow the way of the risen Lord, Jesus. We have services and programs for all age groups and different interests. We offer programs and clubs for singles, married couples, and families.
It is my hope and wish that the information on this site will guide you to participate in our church services and community. And that these services will be of spiritual benefit to you and those you hold dear.
May Christ the King guide and protect you in this year of Our Lord.

Hope to personally meet you at our weekend services.

Sincerely Yours,
Fr. Don Woznicki

I would like to register as a new parishioner or update my information…

27 Responses to I’m New

  • Imelda says:

    I would like information about the baptisms.
    How I can know if my child can be baptized in this church?
    We live in Oxford Ave and 2nd street.
    Is there anyone who can give me information in Spanish?
    Is there a phone number that I can talk and give information in Spanish?

    Thank you, have a great day.

  • Eva Clarke says:

    Please call the Parish office for more information, yes we speak Spanish

  • Joseph Reyes says:

    Hello my name is Joseph Reyes and I am a Catholic Speaker in the San Diego Diocese. I am seventeen years old and I speak on discernment and chastity. I love to talk about the experiences and struggles I had with pornography, to give hope to many people that this addiction can be ended through God’s grace. Throughout my life I have discerned the priesthood, and I encourage everyone to be open to whatever God is calling you in life. I have spoken to various catholic churches in the San Diego Diocese, and I hope to be a keynote speaker at Steubenville next year. I am starting a speaking tour starting in San Diego going all the way up to Oregon. I am also writing a book on chastity that is estimated to be edited and done in 2 years. I would love the opportunity to talk at your parish. I will be in LA from January 5th to March. Here is a link to one of my videos I also have a Catholic Youth Evangelization website and facebook page. here is my website and my facebook is

  • Eva Clarke says:

    Thank you Joseph for the opportunity. I will pass on this information to Msgr. for his review.
    God Bless you

  • Samantha says:

    I am five months pregnant and just found out the baby has a hole in it’s diaphragm and possibly heart problems. I will see a specialist on this Thursday morning where they will tell me if it is genetic or something that can be repaired with surgery. I am so terrified but have put this into God’s hands. However, I feel such a strong urge in need of prayer for this baby and myself. If you could please pray for us I would greatly appreciate it.

    God Bless

  • Eva Clarke says:


    Certainly we will pray for you and your baby. Jeremiah 29:11 God has a plan a future and a hope for this little one.
    Please call the office and we will place your name on the prayer list so that at every Mass we will all be in prayer for you and your baby.
    (323) 465-7605

  • Nicolle Mejías Aranguren says:

    I am from Chile, am turist and y I want to know a church near my home WITH THE NEOCATECHUMENAL WAY, I live in Sunset 5849 my cell is (213) 321 6300, I expect a response from you, thank you very much, best regards.

  • Tom Norris says:

    Dear Nicolle,
    I will ensure that the Parish Office is aware of your request and will get an answer to you early during the week of 15 September. Hope you are well. Best wishes, Tom Norris

  • Tom Norris says:

    Dear Nicolle, Our Religious Education Office Director has suggested that you contact our RCIA ministry head, Rosalind Diego. I will forward your request for information to her. Thank you for your patience. Best, Tom

  • Tom Norris says:

    Dear Nicolle, So far I have been unable to find a church nearby with the Neocatechumenal Way. I am still looking and researching. Thank you for your patience. Best, Tom Norris

  • Tom Norris says:

    Dear Nicolle,
    My most sincere apologies for the tardiness of this answer. Rosalind was able to find out this information for you:

    I found out that the neocatechumenate way has its active presence in the Diocese of Orange. Specifically, St. Joachim Catholic Church at 1964 Orange Avenue in Costa Mesa 92627 has it on their parish bulletin. It is also at Sta. Clara de Asis in Yorba Linda and our Lady of Fatima in San Clemente. The Bishop of Orange (Bishop Vann) commissioned the communities last June to evangelize in public squares in the diocese.

    Rosalind was unable to find a church in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles that has this adult training.

    I am sorry that we were not able to find a church near you that has the neocatechumenate way.

    Please let me know if we can be of further assistance during your visit.

    May God continue to bless you,


  • Tom Norris says:

    I am forwarding this to the Parish Office to give to Msgr. Paul. Thank you.


    Tom Norris

  • Alexandra Trejo says:

    my family and i have been parishioners for over 50 years. I made my baptism, 1st communion and received the sacrament of reconciliation at christ the king. I was curious to know if there are any plans for groups and/or the young adults to go to Mexico in February 2016 during Pope Francis’ visit to Mexico City? I am very interested. Thank you

  • greta says:

    Please pray for the successful recovery of Mr.Gladwin, the successful completion of our financial job and the healing of my brother Barnabas Barretto spiritually and physically.

  • Tom Norris says:

    Dear Greta,
    I am forwarding your request for prayers to our bulletin editor.

    I am praying for you, Mr. Gladwin and your brother.

    Yours in Christ,

    Tom Norris

  • Tom Norris says:

    Dear Alexandra,

    I am forwarding your comment to our Divine Mercy Group, as well as Couples for Christ and Singles for Christ.

    Currently, I personally am not aware of any plans for a trip to Mexico. However, I will ensure I contact you when I find out about any planning for such a trip.

    Yours in Christ,

    Tom Norris

  • Patricia Hill says:

    Dear Father Woznicki,
    Michael Hermogeno is a parishioner at Incarnation Catholic Church in Glendale. He is a 45 year old man with a family and loved by many. He is in desperate need of a kidney transplant before his heart fails. Incarnation Church made an appeal to their members in their church bulletin, but it’s not enough as the right match must be found. Time is running out and I would appeal to you to also mention Michael in your bulletin and at the pulpit, so a proper donor can be found. For those people who are generous enough to consider donating one kidney for Michael so we don’t lose him, please check out the information packet from UCLA. If you are willing and able to donate a kidney to save his life, please call the UCLA Living Donor Line: 866-672-5333 and tell them you want to donate a kidney for Michael Hermogeno.

    Thank you and God bless,
    Pat Hill

  • Tom Norris says:

    Dear Patricia, I have forward your message to Fr. Don.
    I will pray for Michael and will ask that he be included in our “Pray for the Sick” section in our bulletin.
    May the Lord continue to bless you!
    Best wishes,

  • We ask for your donation and support for our Catholic Hollywood Film!

    The story of the Grecian Princess Philomena, who was sentenced to death for refusing the hand of the Roman Emperor for her God, is one that caused a wave of conversion through out the ages.
    St. Philomena’s life was one of the great epics of martyrdom during the reign of Roman Emperor Diocletian, who had more Christians killed and martyred than any other time in history.

    My goal is to create this film and give it the epic, grand scale of production Philomena’s story deserves. There is already a script and funding has began, and I am asking for your support and for any donation you may want to contribute. We need the love and support of all the churches in our community in order for this film to be made. Please help us bring this story to our age today.

    This film speaks on the great faith one can have in the Lord Jesus Christ and how sacred the virtue of Chastity is and demonstrates how one must fight to protect it.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or inquiries you may have about our film or production and please donate what you can to bring this film to the world.

    Thank you,

    Diana Cochran

  • Tom Norris says:

    Dear Diana,

    I have passed your message to our Administrator, Fr. Don.

    Best of luck with your project!

    May the Lord’s Peace be with you today and always,

    Tom Norris

  • Tom Norris says:

    Dear Melisa,

    Please email your new parishioner form to

    Welcome to Christ the King!

    I look forward to meeting you and introducing to our Administrator, Father Don Woznicki.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can to to be of assistance.

    May the Lord’s Peace be with you today and always,

    Tom Norris

  • Michael says:

    1 Nov. 2017; 1:37pm
    To Whom It Concerns at Christ the King –
    I’ve repeatedly phoned both phone numbers of the Church during 9-5 business hours and received a recorded message stating the I had “phoned outside of business hours”. As advised in the recorded message I input the extension codes for several of the departments suggested included the “emergency” extension number #8 but reached a recorded message informing me that the message boxes in the various departments I’d attempted to contact were “full” and unable to record my message. How or why should it be so difficult to contact someone on the staff of Christ the King Church?
    Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.
    God Bless.

  • Tom Norris says:

    Dear Michael,

    I am very sorry you have been unable to contact the Parish Office.

    I have advised the Business Manager of your problem.

    I am a volunteer at the office several days a week for the next two weeks. If you would share your phone number, I would be able to call you when I am present in the Office on Friday.

    I am sorry you have had this problem.

    May the Lord’s Peace be with you today and always,


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