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Friends, we are a long way from the “new culture of life” that St. John Paul II called us to build. On June 9th, the sad tragedy of Assisted Suicide becomes legal in California. This is the wrong way for our state to go. So please join me, and Catholics all over California, in a Novena for Life starting today. And let us commit again to show love and mercy to all those who are weak and suffering. Find the novena prayer and more here:

Prayer for the Sick, Elderly and Dying
O God, source of all life and hope,
look kindly on our brothers and sisters facing the end of their lives,
fill them with the hope of your mercy and give them peace and comfort.
We pray for our citizens to choose life and fight against assisted suicide.
Lord, move our hearts to work for life and for the protection of the elderly, the sick and the disabled.
Renew our commitment to building a community
where every human life is welcomed and wanted,
valued and defended,
from conception to natural death.
We ask this through the intercession of Saint John Paul.

One Response to Novena for Life 2016 – Archbishop José H. Gomez

  • Marie-claire says:

    I feel deeply sad God gives life.Now everything is made possible on this earth.Man has lost the sense of orientation and values.Let us keep silent and pray.

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