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The Passion Play of Our Lord Jesus Christ

eventpasion.jpg Live Dramatization (Spanish)
Passion of Our Lord Jesus ChristGood Friday @ 8:30pm
CTK School.  (Free Admission)

A live dramatization of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ based entirely on St. John’s Gospel is presented free of charge at Christ the King, along with three other parishes.The play will be performed by Christ the King’s  own Corinthian XIII Group, which has been performing the play every year in parishes across the Archdiocese for 16 years.  The play, performed with complete props and costumes has even caught the eye of the press! (La Opinion News 2001)

The play, performed in Spanish will be presented after the Good Friday Services at CTK .  (approx. 8:30pm)

For more information regarding the play, or if you are interested in volunteering, please call the parish office at: (323) 465-7605 and speak to the Event Coordinator,  Rolando Burgos. 
Rehearsals are currently taking place every week!

Parishioners with experience in Theatrical lighting, sound, and event production are asked to provide assistance in this great event