Parish History

Our Parish History page has been compiled from Parish Archives, publications and by information provided to our parish by our own Parishioners. If you have any information, pictures or newspaper articles that relate to our parish history, we would greatly appreciate if you would share it with us.
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To facilitate faster loading of text and images, the history has been divided into categories. You may begin with the first page.

  1. Foundation of Christ the King Parish: (1917-1930)
  2. Hard Times & Stronger Faith: (1930-1951)
  3. Building of CTK’s School & the Continued Growth of the Parish: (1951-1969)
  4. The Continued Growth of CTK : (1969-1979)
  5. Msgr. Alexander George : (1979-2000)
  6. Rev. Antonio Cacciapuoti : (2000-2010)
  7. Msgr. Paul Montoya: (2010-present)
  8. Stained Glass Windows at Christ the King