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Hollywood Communities since 1917

vision3We are a parish composed of people from different cultural backgrounds, different educational experiences, and from different economic statuses. Our only source of unity is Jesus Christ Himself, through the Church He founded to continue His mission. As a parish, our main focus is to make Him really present among us and within us by putting the Eucharist, the Scriptures and the Church’s teachings in the center of our planning. Christ the King is a Christ-centered expression of the family of God, nourished by Spirit-filled worship and ministries that impact, challenge, and empower people of all ages to serve one another in a spirit of community, stewardship, and outreach. The Eucharist is our font of nourishment. We experience Christ’s love and presence also in our many groups and ministries, in which we feed and nurture one another and the world around. We believe that through our Baptism, each of us is blessed with gifts of the Spirit to be used for the common good and the Glory of God. We are a welcoming, evangelizing community, striving to be accepting and inclusive of all people. Christ the Kings is a community committed to responding to the mandate of Jesus in John’s Gospel: “Love one another as I have loved you.”

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  • Claudia Barron says:

    Hi I’m going to be a god mother for a baptism aug 8th at the Christ the king church in salinas, ca but my husband and I live in Hollywood, ca and we would like to take the class here in Hollywood or LA. Please let me know where we can take the class. Thank you

  • Tom Norris says:

    My sincere apologies for being tardy in responding to your question. I have been away from the website most of this month.

    I am forwarding your request to the Parish Office; they will send you the schedule.

    If you do not hear from them, please contact me at my personal email ( and I will ensure that your request is answered.

    May the Lord continue to bless you!


    Tom Norris

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